Does the thought of planning what your family will wear for your upcoming family photos cause you stress?

Don't stress. Here are some tips to get started. Before I go any further, as your photographer, I am always available and happy to answer any questions and even help you decide on specific outfits.

The most important thing is that you love how you look. I always suggest that mom's choose their outfit first and then plan the rest of the family around that. I always love long flowy dresses that define your features because they tend to flatter most people, you don't have to worry about how you are sitting in terms of modesty, and they show movement well. Here is a link to some of my current favorited dresses

Once you've decided what you are going to wear, then you can start choosing clothing for the rest of your family. It's important to make sure that you make sure that you are coordinating in a cohesive color palette and not putting everyone in matching outfits (think blue jeans and a white shirt circa 1995).

Occasionally a family will decided to go for a very specific theme or aesthetic that works for them, examples would be a boho theme where everyone is in cream/white/ off white. In this case, while the clothing might all be similar in color, it's still important to dress every member in their own unique outfits (complimentary dresses for mom and daughter(s) etc...)

Not sure what I mean by coordinating a cohesive color palette? The photo below is a link to some coordinated outfits

Some things NOT to wear for your photo session!

clothing and shoes that do not fit well

Bright colors that can cast color onto your skin

Neon colors are not your friend when it comes to photo sessions

Pay attention to your socks and shoes

Make sure they go with the rest of the outfit or are not bright colors so that they won't standout

Comfort is also important as we generally always do some walking more around during our sessions

For the ladies

 Don't wear short dresses

Don't wear stiff boxy fabric

Clothing that shows your undergarment lines

Dress and bra that work well together. Straps falling down or constantly be adjusted can be a distraction from the moments we are trying to capture.

Avoid large and overpowering patterns

For the guys

We often will have Dad carrying a kid on his shoulder or holding them over his head and shirt that is too short will not be ideal

Avoid large brand logos

Avoid large and sometimes overpowering patterns

Need some more help? Feel free to private message me images of outfit ideas and we can talk through what will work best for your family!