"Twins are more than just friends... they are more like a very small gang" Ben and Liam bring the fun, that's for sure! I met up with them and their parents at the ALWAYS beautiful heritage farm in Bolton, Connecticut. This location with its bucolic fields, classic red barn, centuries old stone walls and white farm house is one of my favorite locations no matter what time of year. The boys have been watching the world cup lately with their dad so obviously we needed one photo with a tribute to soccer. It was a little chilly but the boys warmed right up being able to run in open space between photos. In case you wondering what to bring with you to your photo sessions with little ones, I highly suggest a baggy of little snacks that they can't resist, whether it be their favorite cheese in bite size pieces, or puffs, or fruit snacks. Anything that can be used to keep their energy up, keep them happy, and isn't messy will do. Of course, this twin boy mom was completely prepared. We had fun and captured some beautiful moments in the process.

family walking down path in Bolton, Connecticut