Let's talk school pictures for a second. My daughter had her first ever picture day last week. When I considered that my daughter would be wearing her mask prior to her photo, take it of 1 second before the photo was snapped, and no one would fix her hair.... I decided I would snap my own school photo in my yard, in the same outfit, before driving her to school.

I know 2020 is such a strange school year. Kids are distance learning, hybrid learning, home schooling, learning in school. Some schools are doing school photos, some are not.

Any way you look at it, it's not ideal.

If you live in the greater Hartford, CT area and you are looking for something to replace the regular school portrait this year, I am offering just that. For $20 I will take a 5 minute session of your child. (1 session per child) Included in the $20 is one digital download from a gallery of at least 5 photos. Prints and additional downloads are available to purchase.

We can meet at a park in your town:

Nevers Park in South Windsor, CT

Riverfront Park in Glastonbury, CT

Elisabeth Park in Hartford, CT

Wickham Park in Manchester, CT

Crandall's Park in Tolland, CT

Heritage Farm in Bolton, CT

Stratton Brook State Park in Simsbury, CT

Cove Park in Wethersfield, CT

And many other locations

Contact me today to book yours