Fall Portrait Sessions are a Must in New England

I was out for a walk this morning down my little country road in the edge of the quiet corner in Connecticut. The days are quickly getting shorter and the leaves are starting to change colors. It was crisp outside this morning as breathed in the fresh air and marveled at the amazing vibrant colors. The middle of October is fast approaching when the leaves are at their peak colors. Peak colors season is such a small window of time! You go to bed one night and the wind blows most of the beautiful leaves down and the next morning they are all on the ground.

This year I'm booking fall sessions at the following locations!

Case Mountain in Manchester, Connecticut.

This iconic spot in Manchester Connecticut has so many spots for photos! And afterwards, if you've used a warm cup of goodness to bribe yourself or your children into perfect smiles and behavior, head over to Manchester's amazing coffee shop with all the amazing baked goods Silk City Coffee

Valley Falls in Vernon, Connecticut

Year round this is a favorite spot. During the fall the fields will be golden, especially in the evening during golden hour. I have mini sessions already scheduled for October 17th, 2020.

Need a spot to take the kids for their after session sweet treat for smiling nicely? Look no further than La Brioche French Bakery on Main St

Heritage Farm in Bolton, Connecticut

Again a year round favorite spot... I just did a magical golden hour session here 2 weeks ago. Red barns, golden fields, stone walls, and all the oranges, reds, and yellows.... Which evening do you want to schedule? Looking for the ice cream you bribed your kids with? Look no further than the brown cows, antique vehicles, and chickens at Fish Family Farm. Wait did someone say antique vehicles? Wouldn't be a bad spot for a fall photo session either.

Downtown Hartford

Did someone say Bushnell Park? The State Capital as a backdrop? City Scapes? So many beautiful spots. Your location for after session sweets? Well there are a few... Mozzicato or Modern Bakery are some good options but check their hours if you are having a late afternoon session. You might need to pick up the goods before the session for eating after.

Gilette Castle in East Haddam, Connecticut

The think about Connecticut is that is just filled with so many unique historic, stunning location that it's impossible to make this a short list. Gillete Castle in East Haddam is one of them, with views overlooking the Connecticut River, and even a path down to the river, a unique building, it's another of those "beautiful every season of the year" locations.

Soapstone Mountain in Somers, CT

Hiking Trail, ridiculous views... What more do you need for a fall photo session? And then for an unbelievable after photo lunch stop, with baked goods and delicious coffee LuAnn's is a must.

Case Mountain in Manchester, CT family photo session with dog

Oh Case Mountain, you are so incredible