Here's to you class of 2021, let's at least get the photos...

It's been a crazy year hasn't it? With so many things cancelled and so much of the senior year experience gone, it's so important to think outside the box and consider how we can best celebrate these graduating seniors in a memorable and significant way. Here are some ideas to help the class of 2021 celebrate:

  1. Book a senior portrait session if you haven't already. It's not to late.
  2. Make a special scrapbook detailing their accomplishments through the years. If you're not the crafty cut and paste type, you can build one digitally and have it printed.
  3. Reach out to important people in their lives and have them write special letters to your senior commemorating this important milestone. Do they have coaches, aunts and uncles, pastors, family friends that would normally be involved in their senior year if we weren't in a pandemic?
  4. Buy the prom dress and rent the tux anyway, then book a prom dress session complete with flowers, maybe a limo ride to the location, and refreshments for the photo session. It's obviously not the same but it can be it's own special occasion.
  5. Plan a special trip or experience that your senior would really love. Have they been talking about going sky diving or learning to scuba dive? Have they been wanting to take a family trip to a specific beach location? Would they enjoy a special day at a spa with one special friend?
  6. Participate in a graduation parade, but do it with flair. Last year (2020) our town held graduation socially distanced at a local drive in movie theatre and then finished with a parade through Coventry, CT. It was special and unique. I took my young daughter to watch and I noticed something, the families with cars that had sunroofs or were convertible allowed us to actually see the senior, yell out congrats to them, wave to them. If your school district is planning on a similar parade again for the seniors, maybe consider renting or borrowing a vehicle that allows your senior to be seen and heard during the parade.
  7. Book a cap and gown photo session and include significant family. Maybe you won't be able to have grandma and grandpa at the graduation ceremony, let's hold your own ceremony in your yard or another special location. We'll take all the photos and make sure your senior feels adequately celebrated.

How are you planning on celebration your member of the Class of 2021? I'd love to hear about it!

cap toss during cap and gown session Tolland Connecticut
senior girl portrait bolton, connecticut
class of 2021 gap and gown girl portrait tolland, connecticut
senior girl sunset portrait Manchester, Connecticut 2021