Custom fit photo session for every lifestlye

When we were preparing for Jonathon and Meredith's photo session on the beach at sunset, Meredith asked if it would be ok for Jonathon to bring his guitar along. YES YES IT WOULD! Jonathon is a talented musician and music is an important part of their life. I truly believe that there is not one size fits all photo session. Every individual, couple, and family is unique with their own jokes, ways of relating to each other, hobbies and interests. When I am planning and designing photo sessions for my clients, I want to know what is important to them, what their vision for their session is, what the room they want to hang the photos in looks like.

Between the glorious weather, the beautiful sunset, and the familiar tunes coming from Jonathon's guitar, we were able to create a calming environment that allowed this couple to relax and for me to capture the photos they were hoping for.

romantic couple on the beach on Connecticut shoreline